Anil Kumble Fits The Role of a Head Coach, Says Virat Kohli

Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli will start a new journey as head coach and Test captain respectively starting with the West Indies series. Kumble was appointed chief coach ahead of hot favourite Ravi Shastri

anil kumble virat kohli 0407                                         Anil Kumble has been appointed as the head coach of the Indian team for one year.

Anil Kumble has already impressed Virat Kohli in his role as head coach of Indian cricket team. In their first media conference together, coach and Test captain combined perfectly to set the ball rolling for the four-Test series in the West Indies.

Kumble’s appointment as head coach ahead of hot favourite Ravi Shastri had raised a few eyebrows. While Shastri was quite successful as the team director of the Indian team for 18 months, Kumble came with no solid credentials as a chief coach.

The BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee, that included Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, backed Kumble to take up one of the most challenging jobs in Indian cricket. Kumble was appointed for a year by the cricket Board.

Shastri, who enjoyed a great relationship with Kohli, was left a disappointed man. He was involved in a bitter war of words with Ganguly, now an influential cricket administrator as president of Cricket Association of Bengal.

The way they ‘batted’ together at the press conference on Monday afternoon, Kumble and Kohli have certainly consigned all that coach appointment related acrimony to the backburner.

It was also time for some mutual admiration. That’s the best way two intelligent persons can strike the right chord.

While Kumble said there was nothing wrong with Kohli’s aggressive demeanour, the young Test captain said Anil bhai had all the qualities to become the head coach.

Someone had to pop the question on the coach-appointment controversy. And it did come in the slog overs of the conference.

Given recent incidents when journalists have been heckled by captains – MS Dhoni ‘had some fun’ with an Australian journalist during the ICC World T20 after a legitimate question on his retirement – Kohli handled the query on Kumble versus Shastri very well.

“What matters is how he (coach) treats the players, the comfort level he gives to players and how much he can provide to the players.

“I believe these are the three factors we look for if you are signing a head coach. And Anil bhai has all three in abundance,” said Kohli.

Kumble has already won the respect of the bowlers in the squad and Sunday’s off-beat ‘buddy programme’took both Kohli and Dhoni by pleasant surprise.

Kumble and Kohli, both with amazing work ethics, have sowed the seeds for a perfect partnership.

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